قالب وردپرس درنا توس

Providing Petrochemicals

We’re honored to supply our customers’ needs in the field of petrochemicals such as polymer products and solvents.


Reputation is the only wealth and the biggest sponsor we’ve ever had. From the very beginning until now, we have owed our success to our reputation, velocity, accuracy and honesty in all operations and also to representing the most appropriate approaches in order to maintain the economical profits of our clients.

Centralized management, experienced and educated personnel, high connections and information empowerment have enabled our company to cover any commercial operations in the best way an in the shortest period of time.


Transiting and Transportation

.IPO is ready to deliver the orders in the destination or FCA, To get more information contact our marketing section

Foreign Companies Brokerage

Considering the experienced staff, IPO is honored to say that we can assist you to obtain the representativeness of foreign companies

Dr, Shariatzadeh

Supplying and distributing petrochemicals, exporting and importing agricultural and diary products. Meanwhile IPO has offices with educated staff in Iran and in some foreign countries. It is also the representative of some authentic and reputed foreign companies.

Considering the quality of products, domestic producers can apply the potential of the company in order to export their products to the mentioned areas.


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